If you’re into rock climbing or hiking through the wilderness, you need a wedding ring that doesn’t hinder your activities — and a silicone wedding band fits the bill.

Many single people with active lifestyles choose not to wear any jewelry. But if you’re married, chances are your spouse may not like the idea of you leaving your ring behind every time you venture out into the great outdoors.

Silicone rings are the ideal solution for climbers and hikers, a great alternative to traditional wedding bands. Here, the Ventureborn team explains a few of the reasons. 

Safe Rings for Climbing and Hiking

Rock climbers and hikers know to take every reasonable safety precaution — and wearing metal rings simply isn’t safe. If you catch your finger on the edge of a rock or a tree stump, you could seriously injure or even lose the digit. 

Ventureborn silicone wedding bands are soft and flexible, made to bend as you move and break away if they get caught. Unlike metal rings, a silicone ring is safe to wear when climbing and hiking. You don’t need to take it off, as the band is designed to prevent finger injuries.

Flexible Rings Offer Comfort and Breathability

When you’re out climbing rocks or hiking in the woods, you need gear that fits you well and feels comfortable. Airflow is also essential, as you work up a sweat.  

With a silicone wedding band from Ventureborn, you get all of that. Our silicone rings stay securely in place, but also move with you. They’re made for breathability, and they don’t slip around when you perspire. Their comfort is unmatched, which explains why rock climbers, hikers and adventurers get their wedding rings from us.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Any time you venture out for a climb or hike, you can expect to come home pretty dirty — and you probably don’t care. But what if your gear couldn’t stand up to a day of activity? That, you would care about.

Wear a Ventureborn silicone wedding band, and you won’t have any worries. We design our silicone rings for exceptional durability — they can take whatever you dish out. And at the end of the day, a quick wash is enough to make our silicone rings look brand new again.

Cool Rings for Climbers & Hikers

As someone who enjoys living life to the fullest — an explorer who goes off the beaten path and ventures out into the wild — you need a wedding ring that represents your venturing side. 

A simple gold, silver or platinum band may not really be your style. Silicone rings are far better suited for active individuals. Here at Ventureborn, you can find a wide range of patterns and colors — our partnership with TrueTimber means we have the coolest silicone wedding bands available. 

Skip the traditional wedding ring and choose Ventureborn instead. Contact us or browse our selection of high-quality silicone rings for rock climbers and hikers today.