For this weeks FTF, we pay a visit to our buddy Jake Huff at American Batsmith. Jake is a true artisan who specializes in handcrafting beautiful wood baseball bats in his workshop here in Utah. 

The Batsmith mantra is, Be Distinct. After watching Jake build a bat, it's safe to say that the product he delivers is anything but ordinary. Every part of the bat-making process is extremely dialed and detailed. Jake is meticulous to say the least. Batsmith bats aren't just beautiful works of art you hang in your home office, these bats are tried and true, being used by top amateur and professional athletes around the country. 

Making a bat is definitely a "hands-on" process. From manning the lathe, sanding, staining, and engraving, the shop is no place for a traditional metal wedding band. While turning bats, Jake trusts his digits to the Ventureborn Classic Collection rings as a durable and safe alternative. 

Each Batsmith bat is unique and made-to-order, custom to the specs and requirements of each player. Many customers drop in to the shop to see their bat being produced first hand. The process is truly experiential and like no other. 

For a daily dose of classic, made in the USA craftsmanship, make sure to follow along on Instagram @americanbatsmith and visit the website to shop bats.

Thanks for letting us "swing in" to the shop, Jake...keep creating!