This weeks FTF features the hard working crew at BR Fabrication. BR is an extremely talented group of guys specializing in steel fabrication for the commercial and residential space. From amazing handrails, planter boxes to fireplaces, stairs and much more, it's safe to say that BR is a premier fabricator in Utah and beyond.

We pulled up on the job site of a multi-million dollar home where the BR crew was installing a massive steel pergola among a series of other applications that we not only clean and design driven, but timeless and extremely durable.

It's no secret that welding and steel fabrication is a rough job with many potential hazards. Rob Day from BR told us, "I didn't wear my wedding band to work for years until I finally picked up one of the Ventureborn Classic Collection rings last fall. In just six months of wearing a silicone ring on the job site, I have nipped or cut multiple rings with either a power tool or snagged it on the sharp edge of steel. While I was bummed to ruin another ring, I was relieved to still have my finger. No doubt that wearing a silicone ring allowed me to keep a finger and not end up in the ER." 

We appreciate the time spent with the guys at BR Fabrication but had to let them get back to work as the home they were working on will be featured in the Parade of Homes over here in Utah and has to be finished by next Thursday. Thanks fellas for letting us hang out for a few minutes and thanks for trusting your fingers with Ventureborn rings. 

Follow BR Fabrication on Instagram @bradrobertsfabrication to see more of their work.