Catching up with ultra trail runner, Brian Tolbert is not easy. On top of a strict training regimen, jam packed travel schedule competing in grueling mountain races around North America, Brian also keeps a full time job and is raising four children with his wife Heather in Utah. 

 With his family in tow, Brian recently traveled to Chamonix, France where he competed in a race known as the "CCC." The CCC is a high alpine race that is 100k with 18k of vertical and held his own against some of the best athletes in the sport. Speaking of family, Brian has always made it a point to include them in as many of his race travels as possible. "While difficult at times, traveling with his little ones is rewarding and makes their family closer," he says.

Brian doesn't sit still long, but while he was at a physical therapy appointment rehabbing an injury from an Under Armour event in Baltimore, MD last weekend, we were lucky enought to pin him down to talk all things trail running and Ventureborn.

What does it mean to you to be Ventureborn? 

To me, it means to push yourself outside your comfort zone, to not be complacent in the "normal." We as humans can do so much more than we think, we just have to get out there and try. That's what Ventureborn means to me. 

How do you "Preserve and Persevere" with your job, hobbies and outdoor activities?

For me it's all a juggling act. I have my family life, my corporate career, and my running career. My family takes precedence first and by default, my career is a close second, obviously need to provide for my family and last my not least, my training, running and race life. All these aspects are intertwined obviously and all of them require time and energy but there is only so much time in the day. I try my best to not drop the ball at any one aspect. While the effort is there, I never feel like I have this juggling act mastered. I have an amazing wife who keeps me focused on my goals while keeping me grounded on what matters most. 

What does your Ventureborn ring symbolize to you? 

My Ventureborn rings symbolizes my family. It reminds me to stay grounded and remember what matters most, my wife and family. 

Follow Brian on Instagram account @not.quite.lost to keep up with his running and travel adventures.