This weeks Field Test Friday takes us to the shop of local organic farmer, Michael Braman and Brickhouse Growers. We first met Michael a few years back while fly fishing on a local stream here in Utah. We remember him telling us about his wild idea to convert his backyard of his home into an area where he could grow micro-greens and sell them. At the time, we all thought the concept was cool, however, figured like most harebrained ideas it would fizzle out and never happen. Boy were we wrong. 

A short 24 months later, Michael proved us all wrong and has taken that idea and not only created a full functioning farm system, but has also built an extremely reputable business. Brickhouse Growers provides micro-greens to some of the areas finest restaurants in the resort town of Park City, Utah with plans on expanding into other states. 

For the last couple of years, Michael has operated solo, slowly perfecting his craft and building his brand on his own. Quietly growing amazing micro-greens and plotting the release of Brickhouse edible-flowers during the summer of 2019. If you take a walk around his workspace you quickly realize how detail oriented he is. Everything has its place and is neatly situated, extremely clean and well thought out.

As the operation grows, Michael was recently able to hire his first two employees, "with another one on the way," he said smiling. With so many ideas and opportunities, there are only so many hours in the day. And it's very clear that Michael has no shortage of ideas.

From riverbank chit-chat to converting his backyard into a beautiful organic farm to now having his own greenhouse and warehouse space in less than two years, all on his own, we are excited to see what summer 2019 brings for Brickhouse Growers. Big thanks to Michael for taking the time out of his busy day to show us around the Brickhouse Growers shop and thanks for trusting and taking your Ventureborn ring on your daily adventures. 

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