For this weeks FTF we connected with Utah local, Justin Nelson. Justin is the epitome of the phrase, work hard play hard. Any given day of the week, the full time real estate agent can be found backcountry skiing, mountain biking or taking his Harley Davidson out for an evening cruise. 

After a long climb on the mountain bikes, we pulled over to catch our breath and chit-chat a bit. When asked about how things were going at work, Justin replied, "it's going great, I was able to ski 100 days this year!"

It wasn't easy, but we managed to pin Justin down long enough to ask him a couple interview style questions and here's what he had to say...

What does it mean to you to be Ventureborn? 

To me, Ventureborn is about making a conscious effort to continue pursuing my passion to spend time in the outdoors. No matter how hectic or stressful life may get, nature is where I’m able to reset, be present, and enjoy the moment.

How do you Preserve & Persevere with your job, hobbies or outdoor activities? 

A friend of mine once coined the term “working class hero” and that’s something I try to live up to. It’s all about the balance between family, work and my passion to spent time in the outdoors. I force myself to make time for each of those on a daily basis. Whether it’s a dawn patrol for face shots before work, a mountain bike ride after a long day in the office, or a few days in the desert with my wife and dogs.

What does your Ventureborn ring symbolize to you? 

My Ventureborn Ring is a constant reminder of a commitment I have made not only to my wife, but to myself. To put forth the effort required to live up to what’s important to me. Whether that be my marriage, mountain bike racing or skiing the backcountry lines I’ve always dreamed about.

Big thanks to Justin for spending the afternoon with us to talk all things Ventureborn. If you see him on the single track or skin track, make sure to stop and say hello!