Just a few miles from Ventureborn HQ lies Alpine's Lambert Park MTB trail system. Lambert’s is a foothill area on the edge of the national forest. Over 16 miles of singletrack trails meander though scrub oak, maple, and sage. The singletrack ranges from easy intermediate to advanced intermediate. The many interconnecting trails offer hundreds of riding options. Lambert Park is popular for early and late season riding, as well as winter fat biking.

There are many different ways to ride Lambert Park. (You can hit every trail in one day, but the shortest way to do that is a monster ride of around 16 miles.) 

Although built by cyclists specifically for mountain biking, hikers and equestrians are welcome. Some singletrack trails are closed to horses because of risk of injury to horse/rider/cyclist.

The lower and southern side of the park -- south of Box Elder Drive -- offers snow-clear singletrack by early March. During the winter, the snow on the loop consisting of Middle Trail and High Bench is usually packed and ready for Fat Bikes. (In mid-winter, other trails depend on the timing and amount of snowfall and the determination of the local fatties.)

Lambert’s is perfect for early morning, lunch rides or a quick evening pedal. Enjoy!