This weeks FTF took us to the Meadow Hot Springs just outside the town of Fillmore, UT. These well known springs have been a semi-roadside attraction for years, but for us, it was our first time visiting the spot. 

Meadow Hot Springs consist of three individual soaking areas located on private farmland in central Utah, just off of the I-15. After a couple of small detours in the small town of Meadow, the pavement turns to dirt and works its way out the hot springs. 

The dirt road is well maintained and suitable for most cars, however, the last stretch to the actual springs is rough and requires a vehicle with a little more ground clearance. Despite what some travel blogs may say, you are able to park 50-60 yards from the first main spring, which is the warmest of the three. 

We arrived around 8am on a crisp fall morning to find a family of four and two travelers who were touring the US from New Zealand. There was plenty of room for all. 

The springs are located on private ground and the owner kindly allows anyone to camp overnight and take a dip. With that being said, show the most respect and leave no trace and if you are feeling generous, leave a donation to help the land owner to maintain this unique adventure spot. 

As mentioned, we went in the morning, however, we heard that it’s super fun to come out at night and bring glow sticks to dive down and have a look. The deepest pool is around 30’ in depth. 

This is a great day trip for SLC and UT County locals or those who are passing through Utah on I-15. Just remember, the Meadow Hot Springs are a privilege and please show appreciation by leaving the spot cleaner than you found it.