The spring weather in Utah has been a little less than unpredictable. Off and on rain showers have kept us on our toes looking for ways to stay active and in shape to ensure we're ready for summer as soon as it decides to show its face once and for all. Lucky for us, Ventureborn HQ is situated a couple hundred yards from a Momentum Indoor Climbing Gym. 

Momentum is not only the perfect place for early morning or lunchtime climbing sessions, but is also a perfect venue to R&D the durability of our product. Indoor climbing holds are made from an extremely rough polyurethane material that is built to withstand years of heavy use. The gritty surface of these holds wreaks havoc on traditional metal rings.

Speaking of metal rings, wearing a traditional metal band while climbing is an absolute no-go from a safety standpoint. One slip or fall could mean severe damage, or even loss to your digits. Not worth the risk.

Our Classic Collection thins pair well a little climbing chalk and make for a completely safe alternative to your wedding band when working or playing in the outdoors. Classic Collection regular width shown above in Rust

Big thanks to Momentum Climbing Gym for letting the Ventureborn crew hang out. If you are in Utah and looking for a great place to climb, make sure to check out one of their three locations in Lehi, Millcreek or Sandy.