This weeks FTF we pay a visit to Colt Salazar at the Red Barn Ranch in Midway, Utah. The Red Barn is the perfect testing grounds for Ventureborn rings and our 'work hard, play hard' mantra...not to mention, one beautiful place to visit.

The Red Barn sits on just over 25 acres of quiet, secluded farm land surrounded by majestic peaks in all directions. With a population of just over 5000, the small mountain town of Midway is growing rapidly but still feels like a little Swiss village.

Colt and his family recently moved into the barn to be back on the family property and raise their kids on the farm. This meant taking full responsibility for the reconstruction of all pastures, corrals, fence lines, horse stalls and much more. Quite the undertaking, for a young father of three small children. 

The Barn is fully functioning and offers full care horse boarding as well as full time horse training. Equipped with eight stalls, pasture turnout, outdoor arena and a round pen. 

"We cater to Western riding as well as jumping and cross country riding horses at a very competitive price...and we think we have the best views too," Salazar says with a grin while loading his old black lab, Ruger onto the Ranger to check sprinkler lines. 

Life at the barn ain't all hard work. The Blue Ribbon Provo River meanders right through the property making it awful hard not to sneak out for an early morning or evening fish. We didn't have to twist Colt's arm to get a Ranger ride down to the river to chase some trout first thing. 

Colt picked up a Ventureborn Classic Collection a few months back and has been putting it to the test on the ranch. From fixing sprinkler lines, mending fences, riding horses or fishing and bird hunting on the property, it's safe to believe him when he says, "this ring is bombproof and I forget I am wearing it."

Well Colt, thanks for letting us hang out at the Barn today, it's a tough place to leave and a little slice of heaven. Make sure to give them a follow on Instagram at @r_b_ranch and stay tuned for more from these hard workin' fun lovin' Salazars.