Spring has sprung in Utah and that means we can finally trade in those skis and snowboards for fly rods and hit the river for some fly fishing. Lucky for us, Ventureborn HQ is (A) situated right smack in the middle of multiple blue ribbon trout fisheries and (B) we are good buddies with Skyler Gillette over at Trout Hunting. Skyler is notorious for catching big fish and is quickly becoming a well respected angler here in Utah, which is not an easy thing to do. Any given day you can find him chasing trout on local waters or dawn patrolling at 4:00am to reach a remote fishing spot in neighboring states like Wyoming and Idaho. 

After a couple quick text messages the night before, we convinced Skyler to hit the water with us the next day. Skyler remained stoked, even though he knew he'd be the one showing us where the big fish live and how to catch them.

Loaded the car, grabbed quick cup of coffee and out the door we went for a day on the river. Upon arrival, Skyler scouts the flows, scans for bugs and begins to rig up a couple fly rod setups for our crew. 

Within a few minutes of casting, we had already tricked a few trout into eating. Stoke levels were high and we knew we'd be in for a good time on the water. Bouncing from spot to spot, we proceeded to put healthy brown trout in the net the entire day. 

We hope you enjoyed another Field Test Friday, where we connect with like-minded adventurers who not only use our products in the wild but share our passion for nature and conservation. 

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