Silicone wedding bands are a great choice for members of the military.

A career in the armed forces involves many sacrifices. You most likely already knew about the possibility of relocations and deployments before you enlisted — but if you’re like many people, you may not have realized that being in the military could impact your jewelry choices.

Finding a military-approved wedding ring — one you can wear wherever you’re serving — can be a challenge. Here at Ventureborn, we offer flexible silicone wedding bands that are ideal for service members.

Safe Alternative to Metal Wedding Rings

As a member of the military, you use your hands for many on-the-job tasks. Wearing a metal wedding band can be hazardous, as it could easily catch on an object and cause an injury — and you can’t risk being wounded.

Sport a silicone wedding band, however, and you can handle your duties and keep your fingers free from harm. Ventureborn silicone rings are tough enough for everyday wear, yet flexible enough to bend when you move and to break under extreme pressure. So you can show off your commitment to your spouse without putting your fingers in danger.

Silicone Wedding Bands Offer Security

Depending on where you serve, wearing a traditional platinum, gold or silver wedding ring could make you a target for thieves or American-focused aggression — both of which members of the armed forces certainly want to avoid.

Silicone rings don’t attract unwanted attention, and criminals aren’t looking to steal them. Plus, not wearing a flashy, expensive-looking wedding band may help people of other cultures to find you more relatable. 

Silicone Rings Illustrate Your Commitment

For safety and security, many military members simply decide to leave their wedding rings at home. This may not sit well with your spouse, however — particularly if you’re deploying for a prolonged period of time.

Choose a silicone ring, and you can showcase your marital status without risk. Your fingers will stay safe, your wedding band won’t draw unwanted attention and your spouse will be pleased that you’re wearing your ring. That's a win-win-win situation!

High-Quality Silicone Rings in a Range of Styles

Your wedding ring must fit not only your finger, but your personality. You need a band that feels just right for you — and you’ll find it with Ventureborn.

Our silicone rings for military members are durable, breathable and comfortable, available in multiple patterns and solid colors. And thanks to our partnerships with TrueTimber, we have the coolest flexible camo silicone ring designs on the market.

Come find out what makes Ventureborn silicone wedding bands stand above the competition. Contact us or browse our selection of flexible, safe silicone rings for service members today.