If you work in construction, taking off your wedding ring before leaving for the job is one option. A far better choice is to buy a Ventureborn silicone wedding band.

Why silicone? What makes silicone rings ideal for construction workers? They’re safe for wear at the jobsite, unbelievably comfortable and easy to clean. Plus, let’s be honest, Ventureborn silicone wedding bands look cool.

Safe Rings for Construction Work

You work with your hands all day, using tools and hauling supplies. Safety is essential, which is why many construction workers don’t wear wedding rings — a traditional metal band could easily catch on something, causing a serious injury or even ripping off a finger.

Silicone wedding bands are safe to wear, regardless of what the day’s work entails. If your Ventureborn silicone ring gets caught, it will stretch. If it doesn’t release, the band will break — and your finger will be fine. 

Comfortable for All-Day Wear

When you head out to the construction jobsite, you’re dressed for comfort. This makes your work easier — and really, you don’t have time to fuss with clothes and accessories when you’re out on the job.

Ventureborn silicone rings are snug enough to remain securely in place, yet not at all constrictive. They’re breathable, too, so they don’t slip when you sweat. Once you put one on your finger, you’ll probably forget it’s even there. Yes, our silicone rings are that comfortable.

Rubber Rings Are Easy to Clean After a Day’s Work

Dirty, dusty, muddy — you know how construction workers look when they leave the jobsite. Your clothes can go in the washing machine and you can hop in the shower — but what about your wedding ring?

Traditional metal bands can be a challenge to clean, but silicone rings are quite the opposite. A quick wash is all they need to look brand new again, and you can easily accomplish that while you’re showering. No special care needed for a Ventureborn silicone ring!

Show Off Your Commitment in Style

As you may already know, many people don’t like the idea of their spouse not wearing a wedding ring. You’ll make yours happy by choosing a silicone wedding band, as you can wear it to work.

And with a Ventureborn silicone ring, you don’t have to sacrifice style to declare your marital status. We have a range of options for construction workers, and you can choose one that reflects your unique personality. Since we’re partnering with TrueTimber, we have the coolest silicone wedding bands out on the market.

See why construction workers turn to Ventureborn — contact us or browse our selection of stylish, high-quality silicone rings today.