If you’re a medical professional, wearing a silicone wedding band is the ideal way to illustrate your commitment. For nurses and doctors, traditional metal rings just don’t work in the workplace.

The best wedding bands for those in the health care field are made from medical-grade silicone. Take a look at what makes Ventureborn silicone rings a superior choice.

Great with Gloves

Unlike a traditional metal ring, a Ventureborn silicone ring won’t catch on or puncture the latex in the gloves you must wear — and as a medical professional, you know the risks of torn gloves.

Rubber Rings Are Safe for Contact

Nurses and doctors almost always wear gloves when interacting with patients. But handshakes and hugs often occur when you aren’t wearing gloves — and that means your wedding band may come into direct contact with a patient’s sensitive skin. If you’re wearing a ring made from medical-grade silicone, this won’t be a problem.

Easy to Clean

Many traditional metal wedding rings have tiny nooks and crannies where dirt and germs can hide. Ventureborn silicone wedding bands don’t — they’re made using a single mold and have no hiding places for gunk. To clean and sanitize our silicone rings, all you need is soap and hot water.

Moves with You

Nurses and doctors work with their hands all day — and as a medical professional, you often need to move fast. Silicone rings bend and flex as your fingers do, sitting comfortably in place. 

You don’t have time to worry about your jewelry when you’re at work, and if you choose a silicone ring, you won’t need to give it any thought.

Silicone Breaks Under Pressure

When a Ventureborn silicone ring gets caught on something and you can’t pull it free, the band will break. The same can’t be said for metal wedding rings. Wear a metal band, and catching it could result in a serious injury or even the loss of a finger.

Cool Designs

Ventureborn silicone rings are anything but boring. We have a wide range of designs nurses and doctors love, and you can choose one that showcases your individuality. From our TrueTimber camo patterns and our unique scenic collection to our selection of solid-colored wedding bands, we have options to suit any style.

Are you ready to see what Ventureborn has to offer? Contact us for more information on our high-quality, medical-grade silicone rings, or visit our website to browse our selection of safe and stylish silicone wedding bands for nurses and doctors today.