If mountain biking is your sport of choice, a silicone wedding band is what you need.

Whether you’re into trail riding, cross-country biking or any other type of off-road cycling, you know the importance of wearing the right gear. And for safety purposes, you may decide not to wear any jewelry. But if you’re married, leaving your wedding ring behind may get you into deep water with your spouse.

For mountain bikers, silicone wedding bands are the perfect solution. Getting a silicone ring from Ventureborn just makes sense.

Safe and Comfortable to Wear

Mountain biking can be dangerous. Taking safety precautions is essential — and that means taking off any metal rings before you hop on the bike. After all, if the jewelry catches on the frame, the handlebars or the brake levers, you could suffer an injury or even lose a finger.

Ventureborn silicone rings don’t pose this risk, as they’re designed for flexibility. When they get caught on something, they stretch. And if the object doesn’t allow for release, the silicone breaks under pressure. So wearing one of our silicone wedding bands won’t put your digits in any danger.

Plus, our silicone rings are among the most comfortable you can find. They fit well, and the interior grooves ensure breathability, which means you can work up a sweat and they won’t slip. Mountain bikers love the comfort of our safe, flexible rings.

Flexible Wedding Bands Crafted for Rugged Durability

Ventureborn silicone wedding bands are incredibly tough. They can take a great deal of abuse and still look brand new after a quick wash. Extreme temperatures, the oil you use to lube up your bike chain — these won’t cause any damage.

Our silicone rings are durable enough to wear for years and even to hand down to your children or grandchildren. At the same time, if you lose or break a Ventureborn silicone ring, you can get a replacement without putting a dent in your wallet.

Cool Styles for Mountain Bikers

You’re adventurous; you enjoy venturing off the beaten path. Shouldn’t your wedding ring reflect your bold, thrill-seeking nature?

Ventureborn silicone rings come in a range of cool patterns, designs and colors. And as a result of partnering with TrueTimber, we have the best selection of silicone wedding bands. Whether you go with a camo style, a band from our Adventure Collection or a classic solid color, you can demonstrate your commitment to your spouse with a silicone ring that also shows off your unique personality.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Contact Ventureborn or check out our high-quality silicone rings for mountain bikers today.