Ventureborn: We are the outsiders

Ventureborn - Flexible Rings

You’ve always felt different. When kids were going down the slide, you were climbing up it. Outside has always called for you. The unknown is your friend and your foe—just how you like it. Drawn to new challenges, untapped adventures, you never give up even when the end is nowhere in sight. That edge. That pull. That undeniable desire to explore and conquer. It’s not going away. Nor should it.

We’ve got a name for you. Ventureborn.

We will always express our triumph.

Let’s get into the why behind Ventureborn. Simply put, at Ventureborn, we craft flexible rings for the adventurer. We do it because people who choose to go off trail and into the unknown deserve to wear a ring that stays out of their way, one that’s comfortable, one that’s breathable, one that’s expressive—not only in its style, but in in the way it represents how you defend your passions and attack what life throws your way.

For ages, legends have referenced rings that imbue its wearers with power. As ringmakers, we’re huge believers that when we channel encouragement into our craftsmanship and designs, some of that intensity transfers to you when you put on one of our rings. Believe it or not, it can’t hurt to keep legends going.

What is a flexible ring?

It comes down to the materials we use and the design decisions we make. Traditionally, rings have been made using hard materials like metals. It’s difficult to keep those types of rings low profile, light and safe for your daily venturing. So we turn to more practical materials like silicone. Our silicone rings use high-grade medical silicone that’s hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear. We like silicone because it’s durable and flexible under pressure. Seems like a paradox. But it’s not. Let’s say you’re bouldering and your Ventureborn ring grazes the rock face; it won’t get dinged or gauged. Now consider: your ring finger gets caught on a handhold. Your silicone ring will break away keeping your finger safe from injury.

As you can probably tell, we don’t shy away from innovation. As new flexible materials make there way into use, you’ll likely see us using them to craft our rings.

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